2022 Fly Ranch Nature Walks

By Friends of Black Rock High Rock (other events)

52 Dates Through Sep 18, 2022

Spring and Summer 2022 Fly Ranch Nature Walks - experience the beauty of Fly Ranch and the Black Rock Desert region. 

Experience Fly Ranch in small groups, maintaining a physical distance while making a connection with the desert and geothermic landscape of Northwestern Nevada.  Walk slowly, take in the scenery and experience the art and nature of Fly Ranch.

Friends of Black Rock-High Rock offer 2.5-hour Nature Walks in partnership with the Burning Man Project. Explore two distinct portions of the stunning 3,800-acre property. To the south, we will visit an area of the ranch where Burning Man art can be seen and you'll learn about the area and land use. To the north, we visit wetlands, see wildlife, and several geothermal wonders.  There are three geysers on the property including the stunning Fly Geyser, a unique and iconic geothermal geyser that constantly sprays, depositing minerals, and enabling the growth of multi-colored algae on its surrounding natural terraces.

The walks are an immersive experience in a changing and dynamic environment. It is not uncommon to see wild horses, jackrabbits, coyotes and other wildlife. 

About the Walks:  Participants are guided by knowledgeable Docents. The total walk length is approximately 3 miles on uneven ground. Sturdy close-toed shoes are recommended. Bring water, wear layers, be prepared for changing weather from day to day. It will be a very hot summer, we encourage hats, sunscreen, long sleeves and pants, or any preferred forms of sun protection. 

Nature Walks start at the main Ranch gate of Fly Ranch north of Gerlach, Nevada. Details for where to meet will be in your confirmation email.

Getting There and Protocol: Please arrive at the Ranch gate by 10:30 a.m. so you can be checked in before walks begin at 11 a.m. The gate is approximately 25 minutes north of Gerlach. See your confirmation email (sent 2-3 days prior to the ticketed event) for directions.  It’s about a 20-minute drive to the gate from Gerlach, so plan accordingly. Pets are not allowed. If you or someone in your group has mobility issues, please let us know ahead of time so that we can better accommodate those who may have trouble making the entire walk. 

Limited Photos: During the walks, we ask everyone to keep cameras, devices, recorders and phones tucked away.  Be present with all of your senses. Enjoy the land without distractions. Hear the birds, smell the flora, touch the grasses.  There will be an opportunity to take photos at the conclusion of the walk when we visit the geysers.

Rain or Shine and other Details:  Walks may occur during less than ideal weather. Be prepared. The soil can be muddy after rains. It can be dusty when dry.  For insurance and liability reasons, we are not able to accommodate soaking in the pools at this time.

Plan ahead read the Survival Guide and visit FBRHR's website for information on visiting the Black Rock Desert area.

Area Amenities: In Gerlach, there is a gas station, Bruno’s Motel, Bruno’s Country Club (restaurant and bar), the Miner’s Club (cafe and bar), and Joe’s Gerlach Club. Our Visitor Center is open during walks and most weekends, except some major holidays and event weekends. You can book a stay at Bruno's motel in Gerlach, find an Airbnb, or camp out on neighboring public lands.

Supporting non-profit work: Tickets for this experience are donation-based. A deposit will be charged to your credit card to reserve your place on these limited-capacity trips. After the visit, you have the option of donating all or a portion of your deposit in support of Fly Ranch, or receiving a full refund of your deposit. If you do not attend, the full amount will be considered a donation and will not be refunded.

Both the Fly Ranch Project and Friends of Black Rock-High Rock are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Your donations help us continue to offer Nature Walks and fulfill our nonprofit missions. We could not do this without your support. 

For more information about the property and Burning Man’s Fly Ranch Project, visit: For more information about Friends of Black Rock High Rock visit

Open access to Fly Ranch is not available. DO NOT TRESPASS. Fly Geyser is still on private property. Guardians remain on the property year-round.

Thank you for your interest and support. We're looking forward to walking with you!

Please note: Minors shoudl always be accompanied by an adult.  Dogs and pets are not allowed on the Fly Ranch Nature Walks. 

Participants joining us on Fly Ranch Nature Walks are welcome to refrain from wearing masks. We will update you when you purchase your tickets if there have been changes to COVID-19 mandates at the state-level. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mailing Address

320 Main Street PO Box 224 Gerlach, NV 89412